All You Need to Know About Travertine Floor Restoration Orlando

If you have travertine tile floors in your Orlando home, no doubt you want to keep them looking as beautiful as the first day they were installed. Unfortunately, travertine is not as hard as granite. These natural stone tiles can be scratched easily from daily foot traffic. Bits of gravel, dirt and street debris can get stuck at the bottom of shoes and scratch the surface of your floor as people walk over it. You can clean the floor surface with a soft mop, but if that does not make your floor look any better, you need to call in a service that does travertine floor restoration in Orlando.

Part of the natural characteristics of travertine is that there are holes on the surfaces. Dirt can get trapped in these holes that are difficult for you to clean out. Adding that to the scratches that also attract dirt, you have a big cleaning job on your hands. When you call in a service that does Professional travertine floor restoration in Orlando/Clermont FL, they will clean your floor thoroughly. They will remove the unsightly scratches and give your floor a good polish. If you like, they will seal the floor so that dirt will not get into the holes and grout. They can make your floor look new again.


The condition of your floor makes a big impact on how the interior of your house looks. That is because it covers such a big area of your house. If your floor is dirty, it makes the house look dirty, too. You do not want to make an impression like that. Sometimes a light mopping is just not enough. In addition, you would not want to use abrasive cleaners on it because that will scratch up the floor even more. Floor restoration professionals have the right methods to get your travertine floors cleaned efficiently.

Your travertine tile floors can give you many years of enjoyment if you give it the proper care. Part of that is regular maintenance by vaccuming or mopping. The other part is calling in a company that does travertine floor restoration in the Orlando area to refresh and renew your floor when regular cleaning is not enough. If you compare how your floor looks before and after the professional cleaning, you will see that it really makes a big difference in the way it looks.

I hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully learned a thing or two about trevertine. If you’re interested in more information make sure you return to the homepage:


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